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Arabic Sons School

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Free Learning Arabic

The technological progress had enabled a lot of scientific foundations to spread their science, giving the chance to all the people all over the world to outpour from the sea of the Arabic language. Here we present with Arabic sons school, a bunch of flowers to the world, for everyone wants to collect this language which we do our best to be forever a lighthouse for science and scientists, so, we present a flower of this language by Free Learning Arabic to be the first step on the way of science and knowledge, and after that you will find yourself eager to learn this easy and beautiful language.

By experiment, you can open Free Learning Arabic; you will find that it is composed of: a main text, expressive situations that the student uses in his life, vocabulary to fix the information to the student's mind, listening and grammar. Each of these departments contains specified exercises with expressive pictures and various clear sounds to make the student used to different sounds.

The competition at the electronic field is pushing us to present our best preserving our existence with uniqueness and stimulating us to offer our heavier and clearer information with the most modern followed techniques.

Arabic sons school includes the most efficient teachers who works for serving this language and making these lessons undeterred any fatigue, and they do not withheld any effort seeking superiority and utility of the students. These teachers got scientific degrees qualifies them to present the lessons on the desired level, so; accept a sample to learn it and that is Free Learning Arabic; to touch by yourself what we are talking about. Though, for more highness and progress, we follow the students learning with us, and concern the rise of their linguistic levels by using exams to determine their levels and to let them touch the scope of their progress by themselves to reach a higher level step by step. In addition, we recognize the students' opinions when they begin studying at Free Learning Arabic.

There is a variety in lessons to preserve the system and to present the best lessons and teachers. From one side, there are lessons on which the student can depend without a teacher; using the modern technology, helping means and approaches which are put by these teachers including Free Learning Arabic in each unit to be a mirror for the student in which the students see the perfect lesson.

From another side, there are lessons with a teacher in which the students can contact with the teacher and hold a conversation actually with current application to all of its linguistic acquirements, with a lesson of highness, concentration and easiness, reaching a perfect level of studying and we never withheld Free Learning Arabic to the students by the same way and pattern.