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Arabic Sons School

How Did Arabic Sons School Start?
Arab Sons School started as an idea ten years ago when its founder (Professor/ Sayed Darwish) began working in teaching the Arabic language for non-native speakers in Arabic Language Center of Cairo university, but he preferred to wait until he has gained sufficient experience, therefore, all teachers of this school worked in different places teaching the foreigners the Arabic language from different nationalities of the world as they taught them the Arabic language through schools, sometimes in groups, or individually in schools or in private offices belong to those students in their own office work or during their stay. Finally they decided to teach Arabic language Via the Internet to overcome difficulties that might face students such as the need of traveling abroad besides the effort, cost, leaving their jobs & the responsibility in their home. The school has a number of selected, efficient & experienced foreign teachers who worked more than 5 years in teaching foreigners

The philosophy of this school
1. Not teaching the Arabic language by intermediate language but the intermediate language is a helping aid to communicate in the first stages only.
2. Achieving the speed lingual performance to the student with accuracy.
3. Not to mix between the classical & colloquial in the student spoken, written, readable or audible language & also not to mix between Arabic or other spread (international) languages in Arab countries.
4. Making use of the 4 learning organs of the student which they are “ears – tongue – eyes & hand” in listening, speaking, reading & writing.

The aims of the school
It aims through its job to the following:
Firstly: Students
1. Through the Internet a student can have a live – lesson as the same level as a direct lesson
2. Using the new methods of teaching & the advanced, varied programs to work out students' problems of sound-level, language understanding, grammar, idioms, writing, reading, conversations & other skills.
3. Promotion for the school in away so as to you can identify it if you were in Egypt to get lessons in direct way or private or sections.

Secondly: Teachers
To get the experienced teachers, whom have worked in that field more than 5 years at least, to join the school and to work hard to serve the Arabic language and to achieve the first and last aim of the school; teaching Arabic to the foreigners without joining or taking part in political or religious doctrine .