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Arabic Sons School

Arabic Sons School programs

The programs are parts of textual school it can be offered individually

Firstly: The Modern Stander Arabic language

1. Listening programs: it aims at improving the student’s hearing for the Arabic smoothly & accurately.
2. Conversation programs: aims at enabling the student’s tongue in speaking Arabic & supporting his ability to express clearly.
3. The language stock programs:aims at achieving a student’s ability to express any idea with a linguistic stock of language by different rhetorical ways.
4. The grammar problem: it aims at learning Arabic grammar & how a student can apply it in his speech.
5. Writing program:it aims at achieving a student ability on writing & self expression through writing reports, compositions, using the suitable words & understanding what is behind the meaning.
6. Reading program:aims at achieving accuracy in student’s reading and the right understanding for what he reads.

Secondly: The Colloquial Languages

1. The Egyptian Colloquial Arabic program:aims at learning the Egyptian colloquial language & how to deal with it every where.
2. The comparative dialects program:to show the different structures in different countries
3. A program about Modern Standard Arabic & Colloquial Egyptian Arabic:to show the similarities & differences between them.

Thirdly: The specialized programs

1. Spoken program.
2. The media & press program.
3. Reading the Holy Quran.
4. a selection of Arabic literature program.
5. Arabic hand writing program.

Fourthly: The Arabic language teachers preparation program to teach the Arabic language for the foreigners